Stone on the heart (2022 — in progress). Julia Gorbunova
Stone on the heart (2022 — in progress). Julia Gorbunova
Stone on the heart (2022 — in progress). Julia Gorbunova


“Phantoms”, art space “Ponart”, Kaliningrad, 202  

Stone on the heart  

“Walking along the seashore, I pay attention to the stone under my feet, I take it in hand… Massive… I am very familiar with this load… This mass is always with me, in there is a heaviness on my soul, there is a heaviness on my heart… there is a stone on my heart. Where I took this stone and can’t even remember, it’s been with me for so long that I I got used to its heaviness. I wear it on your heart and there is no way to throw it off.  

I take my stone, found on the shore, and taking it home… I whisper to him and tell him, I trust and confess only to this stone. At home I put it on the floor next to the same dumb “friends” of mine. At that moment when they roll over me depressing feelings, I take a Polaroid photo and transfer this image to stone, “enveloping” the stone in an emulsion, sealing my mental torment in stone. This is my ritual”  

In Russian, “stone on the heart” is a phraseological unit meaning that someone experiences a heavy, oppressive feeling; state of mental anxiety; state of uncertainty.  

All this psychologists define it as an intrapersonal conflict — aggravated negative an experience caused by a protracted confrontation between various structures the inner world of a person, reflecting his contradictory connections with the outside world and interfering with decision making.  

Intrapersonal conflict is also typical by the fact that it overcomes any person, and systematically overcomes him. Physically, this can manifest itself as pain in the stomach, heart, head, or problems with breathing, feeling of a lump in the throat.  

For me, the “Stone on the Heart” project is a personal story related to psychological an experience that is impossible to get rid of, a tense nerve that is about to will tear.