Julia Gorbunova 

(Kaliningrad, Russia)  

Julia is an interdisciplinary artist, works with photography and collage, uses both digital and analog practices, her area of ​​interest is focused on performative-interactive techniques and interaction with society, researching the collective memory of her region, its landscape and mythology.    

Group exhibitions 


  • Group exhibition of analog photographs «Time Relay», art-space «Gate», Kaliningrad
  • Group exhibition of Kaliningrad photographers, pop-up show room Inclus, Kaliningrad


  •  «Human.Close by», curated by Sergey Stroitelev,  Vorota art space, Kaliningrad. 
  • «Hope», art space Vorota, Kaliningrad. 
  • Short-list Festival of photography and media art «FOTON», art space Vorota, Kaliningrad. 
  • «Duty», curator Tatiana Almond, art space Vorota, Kaliningrad. 
  • «Open Workshop of Knowledge», curated by Svetlana Usoltseva, art space Vorota, Kaliningrad.  

Group exhibitions online 


  • «Wave warning»  NEOLOCATION community (art), curators Zhenya Sterlyagova, Katya Finkelstein  
  •  «Black box» curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva, wall-online.ru 
  • «The Constructed Image» F-Stop Magazine Issue # 105 February — March  


Personal exhibitions 

  • «Dialogues» art space «Vorota» Kaliningrad, 2021
  • «Spherical panoramas» art space «Youth Center», Kaliningrad, 2020
  • #emotions #memories #places  A.A. Lunina, Chernyakhovsk, 2018

Publications (online publications, magazines)

2020  project «Dialogues» —  Cut and glue Russian collage ,  Republic , PRIVАТE 


2020 Collaboration with Patrick Jambon (Berlin), International Festival of Contemporary Art RAUM SPACE, Kaliningrad  


The author of the collective publication 

  • the book «Football in Chernyakhovsk: pages of history» by I. Erofeev, 2016 
  • the book «School number 6 of the city of Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region. Pages of history», 2017  


— Krasnen'kaya Biennale of St. Petersburg, 2021  (participation with the project «Burn, burn clearly!»)

Art residences 

2020, Kaliningrad 

  • «Human Being. Close to» curator Sergey Stroitelev 
  • «Hope» Kaliningrad, Union of Photo Artists 
  • «Duty» curator Tatiana Almond 
  • «Knowledge» curator Svetlana Usoltseva  


  • F / school workshop of Danila Tkachenko, 2021
  • Author's courses and lectures on photography by artist Ekaterina Vasilyeva (including the course «Between new ecology and futurology»), 2020-2021 
  • Workshop Tatiana Almond, Sergey Stroitelev, 2020
  •  Portfolio review Julia Borissova, Igor Samolet, 2020 
  • School of Academic Photography St. Petersburg, 2020 
  • Moscow Psychological and Social Institute, 2008