Bio/cv interdisciplinary artist Julia Gorbunova. Julia Gorbunova

Julia Gorbunova 

(Kaliningrad, Russia)  

interdisciplinary artist, works with a photograph, collage, art object. Her area of ​​interest is focused on the understanding of physicality, the study of personal and collective memory, historical reminiscence of the region, manifestations in the landscape and mythology.  

Solo exhibitions  

  • “The Ugly Mermaid”, space “Signal”, Kaliningrad, 2023 
  • “Day without number”, Gusevsky Museum of History and Local Lore, 2023 
  • “Dialogues” art space “Vorota”, Kaliningrad, 2021 
  • “Spherical panoramas” art space “Youth Center”, Kaliningrad, 2020
  • #emotions #memories #places exhibition space of the library named after A. A. Lunin, Chernyakhovsk, 2018  

Group exhibitions  


  • “Hoffmann. Convergence of views”, Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Kaliningrad  


  • “Brodsky. Baltiysk. Timelessness”, art cluster “Ponart”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Izdali”, exhibition of photo books and zines, art space “Signal”, Kaliningrad
  • “Phantoms”, art cluster “Ponart”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Razvorot”, exhibition of photo books and zines, House of Architects, Voronezh 
  • “Body Lines”, cinema “Zarya”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Accent”, bar L.M.F., Kaliningrad
  • “Comus motion”, Ostmark plant, Kaliningrad 
  • “Touch”, museum complex “Old lunette. Western Fort”, Baltic Spit 
  • “Why the Past”, museum “Whaler’s House”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Naked Letters”, ARTCLASTER, Kaliningrad 
  • “Public catering”, gallery “Artgart”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Addresses (n) you”, curators art group “Truba” Calling!” and independent creative association ÖVVÖ, Dimitrova Street, 5B, Vorkuta  


  • “Gravity”, curators Evgenia Lapteva and Alexandra Artamonova, Artgart gallery, Kaliningrad 
  • “The green parrot shouted curses” art space “Signal”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Keep your distance”, art space Roots, Kaliningrad 
  • “Heritage in the future”, art space “Vorota”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Garden of Inspiration”, curator Evgenia Lapteva, Albertina Garden, Kaliningrad 
  • “Body and experience”, curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva, art space Room and Wall, House of Culture. Gaza, St. Petersburg  
  • “Life in the present”, art space “Vorota”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Day of self-discovery”, curators Anya Po and Lera Luneva, gallery “Novichok”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Izolyatsiya”, Curators: Nora Zender (D) and Tatyana Sobenina (RU), Kreativraum im Körnerpark, Berlin 
  • “Foreign body”, space “Signal”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Look into the past”, art space “Vorota”, Kaliningrad  


  • Group exhibition of analogue photography “Time Relay”, art space “Vorota”, Kaliningrad 
  • Group exhibition of Kaliningrad photographers, pop-up show room Inclus, Kaliningrad  


  • “Human. Near”, curator Sergey Stroitelev, art space “Vorota”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Hope”, art space “Vorota”, Kaliningrad
  • Shortlist of the festival of photography and media art “FOTON”, art space “Vorota”, Kaliningrad
  • “Debt”, curator Tatyana Almond, art space “Vorota”, Kaliningrad 
  • “Open workshop of knowledge”, curator Svetlana Usoltseva, art space “Vorota”, Kaliningrad 

Group exhibitions online 


  • “Wave warning”  NEOLOCATION community (art), curators Zhenya Sterlyagova, Katya Finkelstein 
  • “Black box” curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva,  
  • “The Constructed Image” F-Stop Magazine Issue # 105 February — March  


  • “I love you. Don’t be afraid of anything” curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva, 
  • “Someone, no one, a hundred thousand” curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva,  

Publications (online publications, magazines)  

2020  project “Dialogues” — Сообщество российских коллажистов “Режь да клей” ,  Republic , PRIVАТE


2020 Collaboration with Patrick Jambon (Berlin), International Festival of Contemporary Art RAUM SPACE, Kaliningrad  


Krasnen`kaya Biennale, St. Petersburg, 2021 (participation with the project “Burn, Burn, Clear!”) 


  • Art festival of works in the nude genre “Body Lines”, 2023 
  • “Zin-Zin”, samizdat festival, Khabarovsk, 2023 
  • “Sketch”, arts festival, Kaliningrad, 2023 
  • “Zherdola” festival of photo books and zines, Rostov-on-Don, 2022 
  • 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin, 2022 
  • Baltic photography festival “PhotoPro. Insterburg Castle”, Chernyakhovsk, 2021  


2024 Art-residence Gokarna, India

2020, Kaliningrad 

  • “Human” curator Sergey Stroitelev 
  • “Hope” Kaliningrad Union of Photographers 
  • “Duty” curator Tatyana Almond 
  • “Knowledge” curator Svetlana Usoltseva  


  • F/school workshop of photo books and zines by Feodora Kaplan, 2023
  • Course by Alexey Mandych “From thought to thing (Exhibition project)”, 2023 
  • F/school workshop of project photography by Elena Anosova, 2022 
  • F/school workshop of Danila Tkachenko, 2021
  • Copyrights courses and lectures on photography by Ekaterina Vasilyeva (including the course “Between new ecology and futurology”, “Body and experience”), 2020-2021 
  • Workshop Tatyana Almond, 2020
  • Workshop Sergey Stroitelev, 2020 
  • Portfolio review Igor Samolet, 2020
  • Portfolio review Yulia Borissova, 2020  
  • School Academic Photography St. Petersburg, 2020 
  • Moscow Psychosocial Institute, 2008