Bio/cv. Photographer Julia Gorbunova

Julia Gorbunova is a Russian photographer from Kaliningrad. 

She graduated from the Moscow Psychological and Social Institute, Faculty of State and Municipal Administration, she plunged into art photography not finding herself in management. 

Part of her interests are focused on interdisciplinary approaches to photography and community engagement. She studies aspects of art communication in society as a means of self- revealing and revealing of the society. Also, in her projects she focuses on the exploration of the space (landscape) of her region referring to the history, fairy tales and legends of the place. 

She appeals to the questions: How do we feel about the place where we live? And what does it say about us?

The author of the personal photo exhibitions in Kaliningrad.:

2020 — «Spherical panoramas» 

2018 — «# emotions # memories # places» 

2016 — «2 + 4» 

2015 — «Planet Chernyakhovsk» 

2013 — Peering into faces… 

Participant of more than 20 group exhibitions. Of them: 


Kaliningrad — «Open Workshop of Knowledge», the result of the art-residence «Kantian Traditions in the Cultural Space of Kaliningrad», curator Svetlana Usoltseva 


Kaliningrad — «Duty», the result of the art-residence «Kantian traditions in the cultural space of Kaliningrad», curator Tatiana Almond

Publications in print media: 

Polyus + TV newspaper 03/06/2015 

Newspaper «Foundation of Trust» N105 09/04/2015 

Inspiration Magazine N10 10/26/2015 

Newspaper «The Foundation of Trust» N107 09/18/2015

 Journal «Contemporary Library» N1 (61) 03/22/2016 

Newspaper «Foundation of Trust» N157 10/07/2016 

The book «Football in Chernyakhovsk: pages of history» by I. Erofeev 2016 

The book «School 6 of the city of Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region. Pages of history «2017