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City's legends (2019-2020). Photographer Julia Gorbunova
City's legends (2019-2020). Photographer Julia Gorbunova
City's legends (2019-2020). Photographer Julia Gorbunova

The Soviet era ended at the end of the last century, now there is little in our everyday life that recalls this time. But there are monumental works, buildings erected in the period from 1917 to 1991, which have a folk memory and love. This is something that is always before our eyes, that we do not notice, or do not like to look at it, or vice versa, is connected with the best moments of life, and we want to see it again and again. 

What is the life of monuments in my city? Answer: a very eventful life.  

Many city legends are associated with the House of Soviets, and it has become an unofficial symbol of Kaliningrad. It was planned to build a building in the style of Soviet modernism (in 1970) on the site of the ruins of the Konigsberg castle, and this is the long-term project of our city, since it has not yet been commissioned.  

The monument «Mother Russia» or «Motherland» (1974), located in the square in the city center, has its own nickname — Fatherland, because when you look at the monument from a certain place, a woman becomes a man.  

The monument «To the Conquerors of the Near Universe» was erected (1980) in honor of Kaliningraders, the pioneers of outer space. Kaliningraders are very proud of their heroic countrymen, streets and ships are named after these three cosmonauts. And I call the monument to the people «Countrymen astronauts» or «Greetings from nine»  

The presented collages are quotes to the favorite places of Kaliningraders, designed to remind how dear they are to us.