Group online exhibition in the virtual space Wall "Someone, nobody, one hundred thousand" (OPEN call). Curated by Ekaterina Vasilieva.
June 22 — July 22, 2020

Curator's text: Yulia Gorbunova comprehends the significance of the monument in the 21st century, citing as examples the buildings erected from 1917 to 1991 in Kaliningrad, the photographer's hometown.

 With the help of collage, she collects her own House of Soviets, which was planned to be built in 1970 on the site of the ruins of the Königsberg castle in the style of Soviet modernism, but it has not yet been commissioned and the monument «Mother Russia» or «Motherland», built in 1974 and located in a public garden in the center of the city, «which has its own nickname — the Fatherland, because if you look at the monument from a certain place, a woman becomes a man.»

Monuments are perceived and interpreted in different ways in different eras, their interpretation changes under the influence of socio-cultural realities. This is not only information about the past, many coded meanings that are interpreted differently when there is a change of generations, but also the ability to predict the future.