Online group exhibition «Black box»

A group exhibition «Black Box» is being demonstrated on the Wall online platform. 16 authors, from March 16 to April 16, 2021

Curator Ekaterina Vasilieva: «The «black box method» is a method for studying systems, when instead of the properties and interrelationships of their constituent parts, the reaction of the system as a whole to changing conditions is studied. Participants of the exhibition are a system, a «non-urgent response group» to a changing world, a new ecology, threats of various types of disasters, etc.

The number of authors — 16 is a superperfect number — the number n: σ (σ (n)) = 2n. For example, chess players initially have 16 pieces on the board and alternately make moves during the game. Each of the authors also makes his own «move» in understanding the reality in which he exists, or in the study of the problem that worries him. With the artistic means available to them, the «players» collect an individual statement, which eventually becomes one of the components of the «Black Box» of the crashed civilization plane.

My new project «Baltic Stone» is a personal encyclopedia about amber, its value and worthlessness, warmth and indifference, beauty and danger. Amber is warmth and sun, tenderness and waves, history and magic.